Indispensable Advices from Experienced Womanizers, Which You Definitely Need

Indispensable Advices from Experienced Womanizers, Which You Definitely Need

To win the glory of the famous Casanova in the eyes of women, it is unnecessary to check numbers of intimate literature and memorize various poses for sex. Fulfilling a number of requirements that are not difficult for any guy, you become the model of the hero-lover. So, enjoy tips from Casanova himself by stocking up on cheap Cialis.

Hygiene, hygiene and again – hygiene

People, like animals, are attracted to each other by smells. But, it’s unlikely that there will be a desire in a lady to have sex with a man who smells unpleasant, or, in a simple way, stinks. Elementary rules of hygiene must be kept constant; you do not even need to know the advice of the womanizer, and when a romantic date with the opposite sex is scheduled, then hygiene should be at the top of the list. Make it a rule to take a shower before you have sex. With a clean and pleasantly smelling man, the chance to spend a romantic evening alone is very small.

Sincere conversation

Sincere conversation often provides the prerequisites for successful intimate relationships. If a guy is not communicative enough, and he cannot talk to a potential partner, his chances to win her over decline significantly. In reality, you can just ask her about what she wants. It is also necessary to breathe passionately, as do hero-lovers in romantic films. With a mutual answer, we may assume that the prelude to sex was successful. And immediately comes the understanding of the uselessness of many “smart” advice in most “smart” books on sex.

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Take your time

Not considering single cases of rapid sex, all women do not welcome any sort of rushing in this matter. After all, only smooth and measured movements at the beginning of sexual intercourse will allow the beautiful half of humanity to be excited and continue to reach the peak of pleasure. For those men who finish very quickly, there is an advice to buy condoms and get a Cialis 30-day free trial to proceed to the next round and make your partner scream satisfyingly.

Perseverance is not always useful

The real Casanova understands well that insisting a partner participate in some new sexual experience and hint to her about it, leaving her choice behind her, are two very different scenarios. Crossing the established boundaries in your intimate life, you can diversify your sex life and decorate it with new bright colors. But you need to be sure one hundred percent that if a woman says “no,” then she does not flirt, or expresses her desire. Her determined resistance to the insistent desires of a man will not improve their intimate relationships.

Accessories for sex

A diverse choice of products sold in sex shops will definitely make intimate relationships brighter and more interesting. But this is only if you have tried everything with your partner, and you want something new: exciting oils, a rubber vibrator, various toys or other fun additions to the bedroom will make your evening even brighter.

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Another thing is when your intimate relationship with a woman has not been tested by time and lasts for a relatively short time. Therefore, your natural feelings for the partner here are of primary importance, and you will not be able to replace them with soulless objects. In cases when a woman herself wants to try sex with intimate toys with a man under doping means, like Canadian Cialis, you do not need to refuse, but also you do not need to be the initiator, either. She may think that you are a sex maniac or pervert.